Trekking, Tour and Activities in Bhutan

At Artha Bhutan Tours and Trek, we are a family run company with our base in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan; the small and mysterious Himalayan Kingdom believing in “high-value, low-impact tourism”. Ultimately, we are here to host and guide tourists with genuine interest in Bhutan and introduce you to the depths of beauty hidden in the folds of our young and growing mountains.

It is after passing a rigorous standards test conducted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan that we were awarded a license by the Royal Government of Bhutan, in order to be able to operate our travel agency. So Artha Bhutan Tours and Trek is an agency full accredited by the Government, meaning that we are trusted to maintain national standards with the task of arranging travel for tourists coming into the country. We strive to enrich your stay with us through experiences we have acquired over time. Travelling long distances and envisaging a trip to a part of the world completely unknown to you may be daunting to say the least. It is for this reason that our company is adamant on holding high the values of professionalism in everything we do so as to ensure that your trip lives up to your expectations and passes smoothly from beginning to end; all while providing services that you feel have excellent value for money.

Client Reviews

Divya Subramanian, Chennai, India

Bhutan is amazing place,thanks to Artha Bhutan, they made my holiday from great to awesome, thank you Dorji and Pema for that. I had pretty quiet time which helped me to relax from stress i carried me 🙂 and visited a lot of places. Had a great stay throughout my time in Bhutan and people […]


Bhutan is one of the most amazing countries I have visited. Thanks to Artha Bhutan Tours we were able to able to get around easily, see so much of what this beautiful country has to offer, and feel like a local all at the same time. We traveled as a group and were looked after from beginning to end. Thank you for allowing us to experience what we could in your very capable hands. A phenomenal trip we will never forget!

Mrs.Trish Loder

Artha Bhutan Tours were the difference between having an OK holiday and a fabulous holiday in Bhutan.
Their drivers and guides were professional, prompt and friendly and coordinating our group coming in and out on different flights and schedules. They definitely went beyond expectations and I would highly recommend them

Mrs.Theresa Huxtable, Australia 

If you ever decide to go to Bhutan, and it is a great delight to go there, then I would recommend you use Artha Bhutan tours. We were more than happy with the top class service we received from them. We travelled there for a holiday and with a wedding to boot. This company went far and beyond the call of duty in accommodating us – from the driver and guides we had even to arranging a guide and driver for me to do walks when I t had to come down from the Haa valley with altitude sickness.


Very satisfied – friendly and helpful staffs with first class service. The vehicle was very clean and seats were comfortable. The driver was very helpful and kind. Everything was excellent, only one suggestion – In Bumthang instead of 3 nights, two nights is sufficient and in Paro instead of 2 nights, 3 nights is good enough. After visiting Tiger’s Nest we need a day to rest.


Thank you for the safe and happy tour provided to us. From this trip we did experience the kind service from your company that we enjoyed.