Entering Bhutan:
Entry points into Bhutan are by road through Phuenstholing and Samdrupjongkhar in the south or by air in Paro. Our Airline (Druk Air & Bhutan Airline) is linked to Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Bangdrogora, Singapore and Dacca.

Bhutan Visa:
All the travellers to Bhutan required visa expect the visitors from Indian, Bangladesh and Maldives.

All visitors are required to complete the customs form upon arrival at Paro. The following items are exempted from customs duty:

  • Personal effects for day to day use.
  • 2 ltrs of alcohol.
  • Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use.
  • Photographic equipments, video cameras and other electronic goods.

Time zone:
Standard Time + 0600 UTC

Travel Insurance:
We highly recommend that guests purchase their trip insurance from a travel agent or insurance provider from their country, to cover any cancellation eventualities including cancellations based on medical grounds and other travel interruptions.

Bhutan has a season for everyone. So Bhutan is an all-season destination with a climate that varies from region to region. The dry and pleasant autumn & winter months offers warm days, when the sun is shining and cool in the evenings and early mornings. The spring season offers warmer and pleasantly mild temperature even up to the alpine regions. Summer brings the monsoon, yet most of the days it is clear and warm.

Ngultrum, the currency of Bhutan, has the same value as the Indian rupee, which is the legal tender. Indian rupee is accepted throughout Bhutan, but not the 500 & 1000 notes. Prices are usually quoted in ngultrum although US dollars are widely accepted throughout country. Guests are recommended to carry cash in either currency or travelers’ cheque. However we some ATMs like Visa and Master Card are available in Bhutan.

Our Bhutanese staple diet is red & white rice, buck-wheat, wheat, maize & Meat and poultry like pork, beef, chicken, yak meat, and cheese. Chilies in Bhutan are taken as a vegetable and not as a spice.

All visitors will be handed a Customs form on their Druk Air Flight and the completed customs form must handed over to the Customs Authorities on arrival.py of the approval visa, Druk Air Tickets, Hotel list and other necessary information will be sent to you prior to your departure to Bhutan.

We have the basic facilities of health everywhere in the country. The best facilities are available at the general hospital in Thimphu. Guests are advised to avoid untreated or un-boiled water. We provide mineral water to all our guests. Altitude sickness can be problem for some travelers in Bhutan and efforts are made to acclimatize before undertaking extensive activities or treks. Our guides are trained for the First Aid Services.

We advised our guests to bring their own medicines for their requirements, although general medicines are readily available in Bhutan.

What to pack:
Airline limits you to one checked bag at a maximum weight of 25kg for economy class and 30kg for business class, and the hand luggage must not exceed 5kg. Clothing requirements vary greatly depending on the season.

For Summer Days: light & loose clothing with evenings requiring a sweater or a jacket.
For autumn, spring and winter days: long underwear worn under trousers combined with multi layering on top and fleece or down jackets.

Comfortable sports shoes are ideal for light touring while hiking boots are recommended for anyone wishing to undertake a trek. Sunscreen, lip balm & sunglasses are recommended for the high elevations

Please be reminded:
To carry the passport that matches the passport details indicated in the visa application.

  • The passport should have their validity more than 6months from the date of your travel.
  • For all travelers flying via India to/from the kingdom of Bhutan, to have the Indian Visa prior to their departure from their country.
  • Carry a copy of visa