The date of the foundation of this monastery is not exactly known but the elder people speak like that: ‘The descendants of Phajo Drugom Shigpo Son’s Nyima, established the monastery in the 15th century and called it “Phagpa Ranjung Tsuglakha”, “ the temple of Avalokitoshvara” statue which has appeared by itself”. In this main statue made of precious materials, they put relics which had appeared after Phajo’s cremation and many items of other kagyul lamas.’

This statue, which still exists, represents Avalokiteshvara with 11 heads. Thanks to the prayers said by the descendants of this lineage, this lineage has given to the monk-body the famous 4th Desi Tenzing Rabgye (1638-1696), other abbots and eminent Lamas for the benefit of Bhutan.

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