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Why Customized Trips?

Maximize your value and create the vacation that’s right for you.

Customized Trips are completely private trips to address your specific requirement which has no boundaries on booking the desired trips. These kinds of trips can be organized to address your most of the requirements. We have answers to all following questions in our customized trips.

  • Is there any age restriction in travel?
  • Do you have discount offer?
  • Do you operate budget trips?
  • Are there any suitable holiday packages for students, family, couple?
  • Do you operate trips for differently able people?
  • Can we spend lazy holidays?
  • Do you have suitable trips for children?
  • Are there any problems for gay & lesbian travelers?
  • Is there any seminar or business holidays?

How Artha Bhutan Tours & Treks help you to customize your trips?

We answer all the above questions in our customized trips. Massif Holidays team is always ready to design the customized itinerary as based on your time schedule, place of interest, budget limit and number of people. If you are tired of searching the trip to suit you in our website, please submit your queries to us for proper solution to finalize your trip itinerary. Our experienced team will assist you to plan your trip by addressing your specific requirements and your own departure dates. Any published holiday packages in our official website can be extended or shortened on the requirement of travelers. Most of our holiday packages are aimed to couples, groups of friends, and families, small groups or for solo travelers but these can be arranged for a big number of people and differently able people too.

Please fill out the form and send to us to request the Customized trip.